Keeps Your Customers Informed

A website, it is most basic form, is an online catalog of your products and services. It gives you the ability to show your customers what you have available for them to buy. In addition, you can use your website to provide your visitors with current news and information. A website is more than just the online catalog, however. With other online properties like YouTube channels, podcast, online webinars, or other social media platforms, a website has become a central repository for you to share information and interact with your business’ patrons.


Your Business Needs to Establish Authority

People search online for the things they want to buy, to do comparison-shopping, to get information about a store or brand, or get solutions to the problems they have. If your business does not have a website your potential customers will go to competitors that do have a website. Your website would give your visitors the information they are seeking, but, more importantly, it will give your business an air of authority.

A professional website that is carefully planned and designed with your customer’s needs in mind will establish a professional image for your business and also give your website visitors a fantastic experience when they visit.


Give Your Business a Voice

A website is a great way to demonstrate your skills or outline your work. With a website, you can display your portfolio of work done or show testimonials left by previous customers. On a website, you can highlight will makes your business unique. Through your website, your work can be viewed by everyone… anywhere… at any time. More importantly, you control what your website visitors see and how they interact with what they see. You have absolute control of the platform.



Effective Web Design is Just a Click Away

Let Us Help Your Business with Our Web Design Services

Genesis IT group is focused on getting customers to your online products and services. In fact, there is no better web design firm in the state of Connecticut.

We are a leading local leading web design company. Our company creates websites for new businesses and updates older website designs. We are experts in giving companies that have outdated websites, websites that are difficult to navigate, or websites built on outdated technology, a new look and feel that delivers a sense of trust your customers. We help build websites that establish a brand, showcase your knowledge of your subject matter, and will raise your rankings in the search engine results.

As website design agency that knows what it is doing, we set trends that everyone else in the industry follows. We embrace process-shattering innovations.

This defines us.

Many small and medium-sized businesses look to us for the web design solutions. We are an experienced and skillful Web design company. We are proud to say that we have been providing high-quality and website design services for almost 2 decades.

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Our customers know that they can trust Genesis IT group.

  • We’re transparent.
  • We’re consistent.
  • We’re experts in web design and Internet marketing.

Our portfolio expands across many different industries. From wholesale to retail to landscaping to dog training physical therapy, we have done it all.

After all, Genesis IT group, is a premier web design and web hosting company, specializing in creating and maintaining websites for upcoming businesses and individuals like.

Many web design and web hosting choices. Our most sought-after services include but are not limited to:

  • Making enterprise-level websites and their corresponding landing pages.
  • Website remaking (modernization).
  • Website maintenance and affordable web hosting.

Regardless of what you need, you can be assured that our web design services are competitively priced for the high-quality work that you can expect from us. All this means is that we work tirelessly – around-the-clock – to bring you the best possible service you ever want, at a very affordable price.